January 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

"The mind is such a strange and curious beast, capable of self-deception... and we rarely see everything around us, even when we have our eyes open."

--- (our very own) Cloudberry


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank you, Mark. The artwork is lovely. Is it yours? What a nice surprise! Cloudberry

MarkT said...

You're welcome, Cloudberry!

The visual is an illusion I found online- it demonstrates how one's mind can deceive itself.

See how the image pulsates... but in reality, it doesn't. Your mind is tricking you into seeing pulsations. I tried to make it stop appearing to pulsate, but I couldn't.

Can't stare at it too long, I might freak out!

Anonymous said...

Clearly the mind trick didn't work on Cloudberry. Shay