January 27, 2008

In Govt. We Trust

Well, I guess no one should be surprised that when the U.S. Mint released their plans for the new Predisdential one dollar coins the babies on the christian right would be in an uproar over how they took "In God We Trust" off of our coins!

Except they didn't. They just moved the saying and our other motto, "E pluribus unum", the mint mark, and the year the coin was minted, to the edge of the coin. When they initially released the coins, there was an error at the mint, and 50,000 coins got out without their edge inscriptions. Anyone who wants to see an anti-christian bias here will find it, but the rest of us intelligent, reasonable, rational, thinking adults can see how this was just a simple mistake, easily fixed, and that we can all go on not using these coins except when they are forced upon us.



MarkT said...

"In God We Trust"...words, words, words... with nothing of substance backing them up.

This ridiculous "coin boycott" demonstrates the desperation & ignorance of many "right-wing" religious Americans. How petty!

Anonymous said...

God will not be mocked. Be careful of the words you say, you will have to answer regardless of what you think you believe. Yes I'm a Christian, not a "baby" or "lunatic". Just a God fearing Chrstian Patriot. "In God I trust!"