February 1, 2008

MySpace Atheists

Once again, Rupert Murdoch has unsheaved his claws, digging deep into our cultural wounds he has already drawn to rend yet another piece of flesh off our backs. He, and his conservative ilk, like hyenas, tore off another piece from the carcass that is the corporate-controlled internet; MySpace has deleted a group, the Atheist and Agnostic Group, a group 35,000 strong, doing no harm to anyone, for allegedly offending theists.

No specific offense, no particular event justified this act. Just the mere idea that a group of, *gasp*, ATHEISTS!, would attempt such a callous and undignified spectacle; to organize, communicate, and meet each other! Why, what must those scurrilous scoundrels be attempting? They want to meet each other? *Eeech* They want to talk, and discuss ideas? *Blech* They, for the love of god, want to help people improve their lives? *Retch* My god, they even want to consume FOOD while they commit such sins! *Turn it off! Turn it off! I cant take any more!*

What is this world coming to?



Anonymous said...

Well said! Now if only we had our own networking forum, in competition with myspace, where no one could cut us off. It is a shame that it is coming down to this, but more and more, the theists seem to be trying to pick a fight. Cloudberry

MarkT said...

Good one, Michael!

At first glance exaggerated, actually dead-on accurate.

Michael said...

Thanks! I tried to write the kind of response The Daily Show and The Colbert Report would write; I think I succeeded.