May 2, 2008

Child Abuse

Now children, we are going to take you through a museum, a building designed with the intent of imparting knowledge upon the masses through displays, representations, recreations, and rendered media, all of which have been exhaustingly researched and critiqued by millions of dedicated and well-meaning scientists, archaeologists, paleontologists, etc.; what we want you to do, is to look at everything you see, and whatever clashes with what we have told you actually happened, because we have a book that tells us so, we want you to reject it, and to laugh at it, because it is stupid!



MarkT said...

If this were to happen here in Cleveland, I would certainly want to be involved in countering it- politely. The peoples' right to hold silly beliefs should be respected.

Maybe we would follow the museum tour group around, wearing t-shirts that say things like "Praise to Thee, O Darwin".

MarkT said...

Then again, the sort of brainwashing and indoctrination we're seeing here is downright disturbing- chances are, a high percentage of these poor kids will grow up to be religious nutters.

marnster said...

I'm hoping you're wrong. So many people are indoctrinated with their parents' beliefs and they grow up denying what they were "taught". Just look at us! We denied it because we learned things, we studied things, we didn't blindly do what these creationists are doing. It's the adults who believe this still that I worry about. The children at least have a fighting chance, but I give up on the adults seeing the light of day.