May 21, 2008

God's Location?

A freethought poem written by a member of the Cleveland Freethinkers, Don Boos...

Where is God?
by Don Boos

"Is there really a god?" you ask yourself,
As you take your bible off the shelf.

This is alleged to be God's word,
Written by scribes who claim to have heard...

The voice of God, or so they said,
But the voice was only within their head.

When people hear voices others cannot hear,
They are mentally ill is what we fear...

But when they claim the voice is God,
They're viewed as holy rather than odd!

So in your search for God you find,
God exists in one place... and thats in men's mind!


MarkT said...

And thank you Beth, for providing the perfect cartoon to accompany Don's poem!

Manya said...

Here is an interesting article about the brain and religious experiences.

Beth said...

Most welcome. :) Thank goodness for Bizarro!